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Quick! Everyone act natural!

Posted on Mar 2, 2017 by in authentic moments, Photography

This photo speaks for itself. I don’t think it requires too much of a description. However, to be fair, it was a half hour before dinner time and all of the children had just hiked up the mountain trail and back down. I was a budding photographer with high hopes and big dreams. These kiddos served me some humble pie in the most hilarious way possible! A couple of these boys, I claim as my own, the other three my Big Sis is responsible for. You can see that our parents are secretly excited as they watch all of this go down. It is an old, retaliatory wish coming true (that all parents secretly have), “I hope you have children that are just like you one day.” So, I leave you with precious, heirloom image and my longtime belief, imperfection is really just perfection in disguise.