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Lotion Bars

Posted on Mar 2, 2017 by in Apothecary, Body

solid lotion bar

heart shaped lotion barsRetro lotion memories

For as long as I can remember I have had a slight obsession with lotion. Once junior high came around I began carrying a backpack purse just so that my favorite lotion, cream and body spray could accompany me everywhere. Because, well, you just never know. I never left home without lotion, chapstick, body spray and deodorant among other things. Of course, they were all the same scent, except the deodorant (that was always Teen Spirit). It was a 90’s thing.  The sales tactics and an unlimited stockpile of intoxicating fragrances were just too tempting for a young teen girl to pass up. The perfect birthday gift was a complete set of noxious body products from a store in the mall. I wonder now, how many perfume induced headaches our teachers had to endure throughout that decade. My friends and I all had our “signature” scents and we became known for them. If you were running low and your Parents couldn’t take you to the mall you knew who to borrow from. As if this phase wasn’t obnoxious enough, some genius in the lotion biz decided to unload a glitter bomb into every bottle of lotion or potion purchased from about 1996-2002. Every girl that survived that era left a trail of glitter so extensive some of us are still finding it in our old yearbooks. My steering wheel was caked in the stuff. You could even buy glitter gel to put on top of your lotion should it not have had enough glitter in it to turn you into a human disco ball.  My poor Dad and brother used to wear glitter, and not by choice. Hopefully, over the years, I have detoxed most of the glitter from my body.

lotion ingredients matter

Nowadays I prefer to keep things simple and as chemical free as possible. I still have a slight obsession with lotion, but now I also have a major lotion bar ingredientsobsession with the ingredients used to make them. I realize that not all lotions are created equal. This came about when I was pregnant and everything I put on or in my body affected my little nuggets too.  Toxic chemicals are far too prevalent in body products and there are not really many good reasons behind their use.  I am excited to say that this generation of teens has many more natural options in body products than mine did. Unfortunately, most teens do not know about the options available to them or that the answer to many of their skincare woes lies in their mother’s pantry.

Perfect for healing eczema

Within that last couple of years, I have developed eczema on my hands. This can be a real nuisance. Not to mention, it makes people stare at me while they quietly assess whether I am contagious or not. After trying countless creams, prescriptions (not recommended) and natural oils, I was finally able to discern what components worked for me and put them all together in one adorable lotion bar. Every room of my house has lotion, salve or cream in it. My Dad always had and has various creams and salves on the ready too. I guess I am following in his footsteps, as he has graciously passed down to me the family curse of hypersensitive skin. Even more unfortunate, I passed it down to my oldest. These bars have become my go-to solution for an eczema outbreak.

Great gift idea

shea butter, cocnut oil, besswax, avacado oilThese make great gifts. I store the extra “bars in waiting” in the fridge until they are called into service. Once they are in use I keep them in a glass bowl or a recycled tin all around my home.  For warmer climates, store them in the fridge all the time. Doing that makes them nice and refreshing when applied and prevents them from melting.  In addition, these make excellent belly bars for preggo peeps. They are also an effective way to combat dry, cracked heels when applied nightly and paired with socks to seal in the moisture overnight.  They might feel slightly greasy when first applied, but they absorb nicely within minutes.  I always dab some onto my lips too.

I use silicone molds when making them because I feel that they are the easiest to get the bars out of once they are hardened. Check the holiday clearance section at your favorite stores for several fun options throughout the year. Lotion bars are pretty much the same as liquid lotion, but they are solid at room temperature. They use your body heat to melt into your skin as you smooth them on. The beeswax helps to harden the bars and seal the goodness of all the oils in.

Extra ingredients? Excellent, now you can experiment with more products that have the same base as these. Next, try making carrot seed eye-balm


Homemade Lotion Bars

Cook Time:20 min
Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:30 min
Category:Apothecary~ Body
Yield:5-6 Bars
* 1/2 cup Raw Shea butter
* 1/3 cup Cacao Butter
* 1/4 cup coconut oil
* 1/3 mixed oils ( I used avacado, almond, jojoba and a few drops of vit E or argan oil)
* 1/4 cup beeswax
1. Set up a double boiler making sure to use an old bowl that you can dedicate to homemade body products.

2. Bring the water to a gentle boil and place your bowl over the top of the pot (make sure it's not touching the boiling water).

3. Add your ingredients into the bowl

4. Stir until all are combined and melted into a uniformed  liquid.

5. Take the bowl off the heat (use an oven mitt, as it might be hot)

6. Add essential oils if desired. (I chose not too, because I enjoy the natural smell of the cacao butter. Mmmmm chocolate!)

7. Pour into your molds. I place mine in the fridge for a couple of hours, or you may leave them untouched on the counter top for several hours.

8. Feel free to make them your own, by experimenting with whatever oils that your body responds best to.
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