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Quick and easy dry shampoo

Posted on Mar 2, 2017 by in Apothecary, Hair

dry shampoo and cosmetic brush

Camping and no dry shampoo…yet

We used to go camping quite often when I was growing up. It was always a very memorable adventure. Some of my most legendary memories from my childhood are of family camping trips. My siblings and I still throw around inside jokes regarding the certain happenings of one particular trip. The one where we accidentally ended up camping in a nudist colony near Christopher Creek among thousands of scorpions and exhibitionist.  I mean, we seriously cannot talk about this trip without tears of laughter to this day! My dad used to plan the general area we would camp at, while my Mother prepared the food and packed the car or truck with copious amounts of camping gear and food.  I  recall thinking every time, that this seemed like so much work for such a short weekend. Every trip my Dad was supposed to come home early from work so that we could beat the Phoenix traffic and find a perfect spot to set up before it became dark. The reality was that we almost always left much later than my parents had anticipated and ended up parked on the side of a dirt backroad reading a map by flashlight and ultimately setting up the tent by moonlight if we were lucky or a lantern if we were unlucky. My Mom would get annoyed and my siblings and I would beg for my Dad to turn into a “normal” campsite, with real, actual, designated camping spots. We would stare out the windows at the brightly colored tents, glowing campfires, and real bathrooms.  My Father said that he liked camping to get away from people and we would not be camping near them. It always made me a little nervous that our family always had to find what seemed like the most rugged and backwoods place possible. This became even more frustrating to me as I got older and desired a real bathroom within walking distance.

Camping, oily hair and life lessons…

I have to admit, looking back, I am so glad that he kept driving in search of the perfect spot, despite the hostile environment inside the car. He really found us some amazing places in the face of adversity, and the memories are pure gold! The benefits of being in nature and running wild through the woods were somewhat lost on us as children, but the fun was not. I am so thankful to have those experiences now and kind of sad my kids don’t. Through those camping vacations my parents instilled in us the value of working together as a family, independent play, responsibility and several other life skills. My sister, brother and I were unloading the car and setting up our tent and campsite independently by the ages of 10 and younger. Eventually, my Mom wised up and would meet all of us the next morning with more family or friends, after the drama of finding the chosen campsite and camp set up were over. My Dad would mark our trail with rocks and old t-shirts. This was before cellphones, my friends. Can you imagine, I mean, remember?! My Dad would always take the time that we were setting up camp and turn it into some sort of life lesson or new skills workshop. I’m so thankful for that time well spent, now. At the time, it seemed like work, work and more work with some fun, dirt and a lecture or two thrown in for good measure.

Camp hair

The part I hated about camping was the lack of showering and personal hygiene in general. I did not and still do not like having dirty hands, or clothes. The worst part about being dirty was the greasy/oily hair. Gross. My Daddy used to tell me to enjoy being a kid and not worry about being dirty. Appalling, I know. I tell my kids the same thing now.  It’s true. No one cares if a kid is filthy, or has food on their face, that’s just a right of passage. I wish I had known that. On a side note, new motherhood has a lot in common with camping: greasy/oily hair, feeling like you are isolated and dirty clothes, and not so private bathroom visits are a few of the similarities that come to mind….anyways…that’s for another post.

Reality T.V. was good for something

Fast forward to a few years ago. I still hate greasy hair. Shocker. For some reason my scalp is oily and I feel the need to wash my hair daily. I know that it is unhealthy for my hair to do that, but geez, I just don’t feel clean, even right after a shower ( if I did not wash my hair). When I was growing up there was no such thing as dry shampoo. Tragedy, I know. I actually learned about it for the first time during the reality television boom of my time. It was the “Hills”, Heidi Montag on the reality show, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here” (PLEASE don’t judge me for tuning into that show! I had a new baby at the time and was stuck on the couch nursing and channel surfing.) where I heard Hedi talking about her own brand of dry shampoo. She kept spraying it incessantly in her hair while she fought with just about everyone around her. But, hey, her hair was looking good for someone trapped in the wilderness. So, I took notice, naturally. I googled it of course and decided that I needed to try this magic stuff.  It was like a witch hunt to find the stuff at first and no one else that I knew had heard of it either. Somehow, I got my hands on a can and it was awesome.

Dry shampoo supply and demand $$$

Fast forward to the present day.  Dry shampoo is a staple item in just about everyone’s bathroom. However, I now know how harmful aerosols have been proven to be AND dry shampoo is pricey. It’s always that way. You find an amazing beauty trick, you tell everyone you know, they tell everyone they know and now no one can afford it anymore! Crazy. Except the good news is that I found an even better dry shampoo. It’s healthy and completely affordable. Win. Wish I had had this on my childhood camping extravaganzas!