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Easy Homemade Hummus

Posted on Mar 3, 2017 by in Appetizer, Recipe Box

hummus topped with seeds

For the love of hummus

I love hummus and I know lots of other people that do too. However, in my opinion, if you haven’t tasted homemade hummus then you do not really know how deep your love for hummus can be. I have to exert a lot of self-control not to devour the entire bowl in one sitting. In my home, hummus is a refrigerator staple. We use it for snacks, dip, sandwich spread and more. It goes well with any veggie and obviously, it is yummiest with fresh pita bread.

hummus and pita breadPerfect dip for Kids and Grown-ups

I began making my own hummus from scratch when my oldest began eating finger foods. I figured out that I could get him to eat broccoli if I called it a green tree and let him dip it (by himself) into the mud (hummus). Hence, one of my boy’s favorite snacks is still, “trees in the mud.” At the time I was working my way through the baby cookbook, “Cooking for Baby” by Lisa Barnes. I feel weird admitting this now, but, prior to me dabbling in homemade baby food, I did not know that you could make your own hummus, among many other things. Hummus is a great independent food to extend to your little one’s, as they venture into the unknown, and too often rejected realm of fresh veggies that sometimes unwillingly appear on their plates. It is great for the “Me do it” kids in your life. Especially the ones obsessed with construction equipment, dirt, and mud, like mine was. It’s okay to play with your food sometimes.
hummus, seeds and lemon wedge

Party food and more

It also makes a very impressive appetizer platter for a party or potluck when placed with options like freshly cut veggies, crackers, pita bread or pita chips, crumbled feta, olives, and lemon wedges, that hummus pairs so perfectly with. This protein filled spread has become my favorite lunch when it is surrounded by fresh veggies and sesame crackers. I don’t usually make lunch for myself when I am home alone, but this I can handle. It is also a great post-workout snack.

When I have the time I like to cook my own garbanzo beans in the crockpot. But, when fast is what you need, organic canned garbanzo beans work well too. Tahini ( ground sesame paste) used to be found only at health food stores or international grocery stores. Just this past week, I stumbled upon organic tahini at Trader Joe’s. I was excited because this saved me a trip to another grocery store. I make mine in my food processor, but feel free to use any high-speed blender as well. Save your chickpea juice (Aquafaba) and make these Vegan Meringues.




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