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Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Posted on Mar 14, 2017 by in Apothecary, bath, sugar scrub

green tea sugar scrub

green tea sugar scrubGreen Tea sugar scrub

This bright green jar of sugar scrub makes the perfect gift! The other morning I whipped up a nice, hot cup of green tea after school drop off for myself. Mmmm, I love that stuff! It always makes me happy and I think it might be because it forces me to sit and savor it to the last drop. The earthy aroma of the green tea and the sweet smell of Raw honey is so delicious! That’s when the idea hit. This combo would make an awesome sugar scrub and help my skin make it through the dog days of winter. So, I made the executive decision to postpone the various necessary and tedious chores of the day, to instead, concoct the perfect sugar scrub.  Turns out, I made the right choice. This stuff is awesome!


Choosing the right oils

In my sugar scrubs, I choose not to use coconut oil for several reasons. The most important one being, that I don’t like green tea sugar scrubthat stuff going down my drain. It becomes solid at room temperature, your imagination should take it from there. We have paid the price (literally) of not making sure that everyone in our home respects the plumbing as much as they should (little people) and that was an expensive lesson. Plus, an informative chat (lecture) from the plumber regarding what should and should not be going down the drain solidified this rule.  So, I lead by example. No coconut oil down the drain, ever! The next being, that it is hard to incorporate it into the sugar completely and if you melt it first, there is a chance it can dissolve your sugar. Lastly, there are other oils that my skin responds better to. My favorite oil to use as the base oil in many of my sugar scrubs is avocado oil. It can cost a bit more, but the soothing and healing effects are worth it. Costco must have received the memo on all of the amazing benefits and properties of avocado oil and they sell it for a very fair price now.

green tea sugar scrub


Exfoliating, Nourishing, Detoxifying

Feel free to use whatever sugar that you like. You can use fine sugar for a mild scrub, raw sugar for a medium scrub or something like turbinado sugar for a deeper exfoliation. That part is entirely up to you. I used raw sugar for one batch and fine sugar for another. The fine sugar is better if you are planning to use it on your face, which I highly recommend. Green tea sugar scrub is nourishing and very moisturizing for your skin. It also has a nice skin brightening and detoxifying effect as well. I politely( forced) asked my husband to sample some on his face and the results were amazing! It helps slough off all of the dry skin that winter can sometimes build upon our bodies. A word to the wise: use this prior to shaving your legs, etc. to avoid an oil clogged razor. Believe me, I know from experience. On that note, it is awesome to use in your armpits too! Be prepared to look at least 5 years younger (my personal opinion) and for your skin to glow! Seriously, now go get scrubbing!

If green tea is not your thing, or if you don’t have it, but you have coffee, try my DIY coffee sugar scrub instead.


Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Prep Time:10 min
Total Time:10 min
Category:Sugar Scrub
Yield:2 cups
* 2 cups of sugar ( may use any sugar you desire to make your preferred texture of scrub)
* 2 green tea bags (cut open to make loose leaf tea) or 2 teaspoons of loose leaf green tea
* 1-2 teaspoons matcha green tea powder
* 1/2 cup avacado oil
* 2 Tablespoons Raw honey
* 1 teaspoon jojoba oil
* 1 teaspoon argan oil
* 1 teaspoon almond oil
* may sub any oils that you choose, as long as they exhibit similiar properties to the one you are subbing for.
* may add 20 drops of your choice essential oil if you desire.
1. Place sugar, matcha green tea powder, and loose leaf green tea in a bowl and mix until combined.

2. Slowly pour in raw honey, and oils

3. Mix all ingredients until well combined ( honey will clump slightly, mix until no clumps are found) and add more oil if you desire

4. a more oily scrub and more sugar if you find it to be too oily and wish for a drier scrub.

5. Place your sugar scrub in an airtight jar, or container. ( I keep a container of it in the shower)

6. Sugar scrub makes a great facial exfoliator! Rub gently onto face and neck in a circular motion and rinse well.

7. ~This scrub makes a great gift for anyone in your life!~

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