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Homemade lemon face wash

Posted on Apr 12, 2017 by in Apothecary, Body, Face

lemon face wash in pitcher

Homemade lemon face wash

I love lemons and I consider them a kitchen staple. Really, is there anything a lemon can’t do? Lemons are truly the superhero fruit in our home. I use them in nearly everything! Their benefits stretch far beyond the kitchen. This homemade lemon face wash is one of my favorite ways to reap the benefits of lemons. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. My pores appear smaller and much clearer. I do not feel the need to apply foundation anymore (aside from a special occasion). I love the silky feel of the lemon face wash as I apply it to my face and the way it gently lathers up. Do I even have to mention how refreshingly delicious it smells?! I have extremely temperamental skin and have a hard time with harsh cleansers found in stores and elsewhere. The discovery of this homemade lemon face wash was magical for me.

Benefits of lemons in your skincare

Reduces oily skinlemon face wash components

Lightens dark spots

Removes blackheads

Heals acne and reduces scarring

Gently cleanses skin with natural anti-fungal/antibacterial abilities



lemon face wash componentsNo need for expensive cleansers claiming big promises

I have tried numerous facial cleansers in my lifetime, several were very drying. While most of them never made a real impact on anything other than my wallet. Seems so overwhelming when you have to choose a skin cleanser based on claims, packaging/advertisement, and word of mouth. Do we really know and understand all of the ingredients inside? What works for one, rarely works for another. We throw the latest and most advertised products at our tweens and teens without realizing that we are pumping them full of harmful additives. They are clean slates, worthy of product discernment. Honestly, there is not one product out there than can fully combat all the components that make up our unique skincare needs. Hormones, diet, lifestyle and environment are the key factors of what shows up on our skin, anyhow.



lemon face wash in pitcher

Try making your own lemon face wash and see the difference

I wish that my grandparents were still around so that I could hear all of their kitchen remedies again but with fresh ears this time. Maybe I wouldn’t think their ideas were so irrelevant anymore. So much of what they used to do and preach are now showing up again as trending ideas. Newsflash, they are recycled ingenious concepts that have proven the test of time. I know that my grandmothers would be proud of this homemade lemon face wash. Especially since they both nurtured beautiful lemon trees in their backyards with leftover coffee grinds and eggshells.