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Homemade cold-brewed coffee

Posted on May 31, 2017 by in cold drinks, Recipe Box

cold-brewed coffee with coconut milk

Homemade cold-brewed coffee ~simple to preparecold-brewed coffee over ice

Dare I say summer has finally arrived, only to scare it away, again? No matter…summer has arrived! Rain rain, go away, cold brewed coffee is here to stay. The pools are open, Spring flowers are now a coffee gounds ready to put into filtered watermemory and the sun graces us with its presence long into the evening. These are all reasons to celebrate. I choose to celebrate with a tall glass of iced, cold-brewed coffee. I prepare my coffee on the weekend and enjoy it all week long. Preparing cold-brewed coffee is so simple, it’s the waiting that is hard.  If you prepare the cold-brewed coffee at night, before bed, then you will have less temptation to stare at it like drying paint, or grass growing. No doubt, it might make it easier to get yourself into bed.  Waking up eager to enjoy a delicious, refreshing glass of your very own homemade cold brew.

Not your grandmother’s iced coffee

Think you despise iced coffee? Bad memories of tasteless, plain ole’ leftover coffee poured over ice? Cold-brewed coffee does not even compare. Growing up in HOT Arizona, I would watch as the adults around me took the leftover coffee from the carafe (mid-afternoon) and poured it over ice. The heat made hot coffee seem so unbearable after a certain point. It sure did look yummy and refreshing though.  A sheep in wolves clothing, however.  It was fairly tasteless and quite bitter. Perhaps this is why my family drank more iced tea than iced coffee. Instead of shelling out the cost of an entire batch of cold-brewed coffee for 1 small cup from the local coffee shop; try your hand at making it. Homemade is so satisfying!

coconut cream poured over cold-brewed coffeeHow do you take your coffee? Is it 1 lump or 2?cold brewed coffee 12 hours

You can control the flavor of your cold-brewed coffee. Simply change up the coffee to filtered water ratio. Play around with it and make it perfect for you and your family. I’m in the medium range. Keep in mind that when your ice begins to melt into your glass it will dilute the coffee. The addition of milk or cream will also add to the dilution effect. Like yours sweet? To each his own when it comes to homemade cold-brewed coffee. Add your favorite sweetener or flavor and become your own barista. Enjoy a cup of iced cold coffee that you made yourself and didn’t have to stand in line for. More time to enjoy an already too short summer.


A retro garden tip for ya!

Keep those grinds! Toss them in your garden, planters or compost. My grandmothers both did and they had truly magnificent fruit. Coffee grounds make a wonderful fertilizer or soil booster. Here’s a link with more information and tips:

cold brewed coffee with cheesecloth








Cold brewed coffee is simple to make and a delicious and refreshing way to start your day. It has a smooth yet flavorful bold flavor brought on by the long brew time. It is less acidic and highly caffeinated.

Prep Time:5 min
Total Time:12 min
Yield:4 cups
* 1 cup coarsely ground coffee beans
* 4 cups filtered water
1. Add coarsely ground coffee beans to 4 cups filtered water inside a large mason jar, pitcher, bowl or french press

2. Make sure that all of the ground coffee is wet, either by stirring or shaking. (If using a french press, just let it sit and do not plunge.)

3. Cover with a tea towel , or cheesecloth

4. Place on your counter or in the fridge for 12-24 hours

5. Pour the coffee over a filter into a pitcher ( You can use a coffee filter, paper towels, tea towel or double folded cheesecloth)

6. Pour over ice (add milk of choice and sweetener of choice if dedired)

7. Enjoy!

8. Can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. (In my opinion, it will be enjoyed long before that!)
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