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Tropical turmeric smoothie

Posted on Jun 14, 2017 by in Recipe Box, Smoothies

tropical turmeric smoothie
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tropical turmeric smoothie to the rescuetropical turmeric smoothie fresh sliced fruit

As many of my readers know, my body is currently working to heal a broken bone. In addition to resting, which I am terrible at, I am trying to eat foods that are known to help the process along. Since I am basically a walking accident waiting to happen, I have done a  bit of research in this department. I have to say, however, breaking a bone in your thirties is totally different than when I was a teenager! For one, I’m a Mom, that’s fairly self-explanatory, I hope.  Secondly, I think my body is not quite as willing to forgive the abuse as politely as it did back in the day. Arthritis anyone?! Anyhow, this tropical turmeric smoothie has been in heavy rotation in my home lately. The anti-inflammatory properties, coupled with the immunity boosting vitamins contained within, make this an obvious choice for me.

tropical turmeric smoothie with fruit on sideAm I back in Hawaii?

Okay, not even close, but it sure tastes like it! At this point, I’ll take what I can get. I am counting the days until we are actually back in paradise soaking up the sun with friends on the beach. Until then, it’s Doctor’s orders and tropical turmeric smoothies.

In this  tropical turmeric smoothie you will find:

Mango: loads of vitamin C, vitamin K (helps body absorb calcium)

Pineapple: provides bromelain that is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and aids in digestion

Bananas: help prevent calcium loss, and provide B vitamins and reduce swelling

Chia seeds: protien, calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, protien

Raw Honey: sweetness, natural antifungal, anti-bacterial properties ( I happened to be unlucky enough to have an open fracture with a very high risk of infection)

Non-dairy milk: calcium, protien

Fresh ginger root: anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, can help lower the risk of infection

Turmeric: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant

Black pepper: aids in body’s absorption of curcumin from turmeric

Some fun and beneficial add-ins top view of tropical turmeric smoothie

We all have different and specific needs when it comes to our dietary needs. As with any smoothie recipe, I encourage you to really make this your own. If you do not mind your tropical turmeric smoothie having a green tinge to it, then add kale, spinach, spirulina or wheat grass to give yourself an iron boost and extra calcium. I like to add Maca powder because it is an easy way to boost the calcium, magnesium, and iron in my smoothies. In addition to this fairly serious break, I sadly lost my big toenail….RIP.  It is uncertain if it will ever make an appearance again. But, if it does decide to grace my toe with its protective presence then I am going to give it every chance I can. That means adding Grass-fed collagen peptides.  Boosting your collagen is only going to be beneficial. It aids with all things related to hair, skin, and nails and additionally adds protein.

Go ahead and make this smoothie, your bones will thank you!