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A simple DIY aloe facial mist

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 by in Apothecary, Body, Face

aloe facial mist in blue sprayer

A simple DIY aloe facial mistaloe facial mist in blue spray bottle

aloe facial mistFacial mists are so popular right now, for good reason. The convenience of a refreshing mist that holds so many benefits is really irresistible.  The only downside is the cost. A little bottle can run you upwards of fifty dollars. If you love to spray as much as I do, things can start to get downright pricey. I decided to create my own aloe facial mist that is not only simple to make but very cost effective as well.  I am head over heels about this apothecary recipe! It serves as a cleanser, moisturizer, astringent, and skin soother in one. I spray it on first thing in the morning and after shaving as well. This aloe facial mist is the right stuff for those HOT summer days. You know the ones… You’re soaked in sweat or sunscreen or bug spray or an unlucky combo of all three and feeling gross. Spray away, my friend. There is genuine happiness in this little bottle of mist. While you’re at it spray your kiddos too if they’re around. It will cool them off and alleviate any skin maladies they may be suffering from.




aloe facial mist in blue spray jarPortable liquid gold

aloe facial mist USES:

your face, to help cleanse excess oil after sweating. OR use it on your face to add moisture in dry climates.

to help set your makeup for the day

on your hair to defrizz, soften or add shine

to soothe bug bitesaloe facial mist in mixing jar

on razor burn to soothe red inflamed bumps

under arms to soothe and refresh raw skin

on the whole body to soothe sunburn or razor burn

to calm eczema or rosacea



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the perfect summertime treat for your skin

I keep my aloe facial mist in the fridge (you should too). The added benefit is that it feels so cool and refreshing when you spray it on your skin on a hot summer day. The rose water smells so light and sweet when you’re a sweaty mess with no time to shower. I have taken this aloe facial mist with me to the pool and on a recent road trip in a small cooler bag with an ice pack. It travels really well.  This aloe facial mist is the perfect way to lightly moisturize your skin after a shower in humid conditions. It might be a small investment at first to acquire all of the necessary ingredients to make this, but well worth it. You will get about a dozen recipes or more of this aloe facial mist from them.  Not to mention all of these items are beneficial on their own as well. They really should be in everyone’s pantry or fridge as a natural remedy.



aloe facial mist in blue sprayerAloe Vera juice– aids in digestion, helps with constipation, conditions hairingredients for aloe facial mist

Aloe Vera gel– helps soothe burns, cuts, bruises and more

Witch Hazel– soothes bug bites, and various skin conditions, reduce acne

Rose water– helps heal scars, soothes eczema and other skin diseases, anti-aging

Vitamin C powder– anti-aging, skin brightening

Coconut Water – anti-aging, helps heal scars, hydrates, electrolytes

Imagine how great this would feel to spray on your face after a workout! Perfection!