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Laird Superfood dairy-free creamer (product review)

Posted on Oct 11, 2017 by in Fitness, Product Reviews

Laird Superfood dairy-free creamer

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Laird Superfood dairy-free creamerThe perfect dairy-free creamer

I have finally discovered the perfect dairy-free superfood creamer for my morning (sometimes mid-day) cup o’ joe.

my boys and I playing in Hanalei Bay

My little guys and I enjoying Hanalei

I am so excited to share it with you! It was discovered during a recent trip to the island of Kauai while enjoying brunch at Hanalei Bread Co.

The frustrations of food allergies while out to eat

Going out to eat has lost some of its lusters for me since going dairy-free. I always feel like a burden, when I have to ask about an allergy menu. Especially if they don’t have one and I am forced to ask if they are able to prepare something for me without the use of dairy. Most places are very accommodating, some stare at me and ask me loads of interesting questions. Hawaii is the exception, however. Nearly every restaurant has a vegan option. One of the many reasons I truly miss living in the Land of Aloha. There is so much Aloha for health and Aina (land).

Have you been using a dairy-free creamer and have not really been satisfied? Perhaps, Laird Superfood Creamer is your answer. I am so happy with it, that I centered this entire post about it!laird superfood dairy-free creamer upclose

For those of you unfamiliar with Laird Hamilton, he is a world-renowned big wave surfer. A truly inspiring guy! Check out his story and videos on this site to learn more about him, and why he created Laird Superfood dairy-free creamers.

An honest product reviewLaird Superfood dairy-free creamer with nut butter toast

I began using Laird Superfood dairy-free original creamer about 2 months ago and have never looked back at my lonely almond milk in the fridge. To say the taste blows regular dairy-free milk out of the water would be a gross understatement. Not only is this dairy-free superfood powder delicious, the nutritional benefits are worth looking in to. Simply put, it is a dairy-free version of bulletproof coffee, however, aquamin provides the calcium and magnesium instead of grass-fed butter or other dairy products. For those of you looking to cut back on dairy, this is an amazing product to add to your daily coffee habit! The fine powder dissolves easily and looks a bit like almond meal. It tastes and smells sweet and slightly nutty. If your package arrives clumped, simply squeeze gently to break it up.

Our happy place

Travel Much?crema from superfood dairy-free creamer

Let’s talk about portability as well. For those that travel regularly and for vacations, this powder is extremely packable. It does not require refrigeration or a ton of space. Just pack it in the bag it comes in, or load some up in a re-usable container and go. Laird Superfood dairy-free creamer stirs best into hot coffee and leaves a beautiful crema on the top. You may also blend it with this handheld milk frother. I simply use a spoon when traveling. For a special treat when home, I use my electric milk frother that came with my Nespresso maker that I got for Christmas a couple of years back. It goes great in smoothies as well. Try it in my Tropical turmeric smoothie.

Hanalei Bay Pier

Mix it up!

back of package for original flavorThere are several varieties of Laird Superfood dairy-free creamer to choose from. The original, which is lightly sweetened, the unsweetened, the cacao, or turmeric. You can’t go wrong with any of them, it’s all up to what you enjoy. If you regularly sweeten your coffee, then go with the original or cacao, if you like unsweetened, then go with the unsweetened or turmeric. The best way to decide your favorite is to order the creamer sampler 4 pack. 

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