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homemade makeup remover pads

Posted on Jan 4, 2018 by in Apothecary, Face

makeup remover pads

makeup remover padsHomemade makeup remover pads

I am not really a fan of makeup remover. I usually end up with it in my eyes or a huge oily mess across my face. My vision ends up blurred and my eyes red. Of course, not all makeup removers are this bad, but the vast majority are. I have tried several. The ones I like are not exactly cost effective for the little bit of makeup that I occasionally put on.  As a result, I (against better advice) had taken to using a facial cleanser and water. My delicate eye area is not having it anymore. But let’s get real! This is a no longer working for me anymore because I am freezing my buns off lately. The thought of putting water on my face is truly unpleasant.  I am left gasping for air as soon as the freezing water hits my face. Unless I waste about a thousand gallons of water waiting for the hot water to make it’s way to the third floor.


My solution, homemade makeup remover pads. So far, so great!

makeup remover pads


No more mystery ingredients~ Take control

makeup remover padsIf you have been using the same old makeup remover all your life, perhaps it’s time to flip the bottle around. Actually, read the ingredients and most importantly, try to pronounce them. Even the expensive bottle you purchased from a department store can be full of carcinogens. What goes on your skin is as important as what goes in your mouth. The concept of makeup remover is simple, really. Companies trying to make things shelf stable and attractive is the main reason for all of the extra, no good chemicals. Of course, any time that you concoct your own bath and body products you will need to be aware that spoilage is possible. Keep an eye on it, if it looks bad, toss it. Store things in the refrigerator if they contain water. Especially if you live in a warmer climate. At first, going to the fridge for some of your body products might seem nuts, but make it fun. Grab a healthy snack, or fulfill one more glass of water to your daily goal while you’re at it.

Nourishing, Natural & Cost Effective

For my makeup remover pads, I carefully chose my oils for my specific skin care needs.

Jojoba Oil: Antioxidants, Antibacterial, Non-greasy, natural source of Vitamin E, safe for use around eyes

Castor Oil: Cleansing, Healing, Stimulates Collagen, Moisturizesmakeup remover pads

Argan Oil: Vitamins A & E, safe for use around eyes, anti-aging

You can change the oils up in your makeup remover as you see fit, or use the same ones.  I did use an all natural and organic shea butter soap, witch hazel, rosewater and aloe vera gel as well. The initial expense might seem a bit much. However, I have made several batches of various homemade body products from my seemingly small bottles of ingredients. In the long run, I have saved way more than my initial investment.




makeup remover padsTrying Homemade~ You might like it!

If the thought of making a beauty product at home sounds daunting, this is an easy place to start. 5 minutes or less and you’re done! It literally takes less time than running to the store or ordering online. Once you have your ingredients stocked, you can whip this up faster than your child can down a granola bar. Makeup remover should be an important part of your daily routine. Seriously, you can help slow down the clock just by removing your makeup every night. Wearing makeup to bed causes your skin to absorb free radicals from your environment. This adds to the fine lines and an uneven skin tone that NO ONE wants. Not to mention your pores become clogged and maybe you deal with adult onset acne. Gross. No matter how tired you are, take it off! Having makeup remover already soaked into a pad makes it that much easier. Especially makeup remover that doesn’t leave you feeling like bacon was just fried on your face. Follow with this anti-aging and soothing Homemade Carrot Seed Eye Balm.