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Homemade lip scrub

Posted on Jan 22, 2018 by in Apothecary, Face, sugar scrub

homemade lip scrub

Lip Scrub to the rescuehomemade lip scrub

Winter time usually means dry skin and chapped lips. My home is no exception. I miss those sweet, soft slobbery kisses from my boys. These wintertime lizard kisses just won’t do.  Lip scrub to the rescue! I knew they would actually use it too because it’s sweet and sugary. It was perfect timing as my youngest had just had tonsil surgery and needed it most. Poor guy, he actually got the stomach flu shortly after he recovered from his surgery! So unfair. The only bright side was that his tonsils had fully recovered beforehand. As you can imagine, his lips were a wreck. After using my homemade lip scrub, his lips were back to their normal rosy pink, soft selves. It makes me feel actual pain when looking at their super chapped and crusty lips. How does it not bother them the way it bothers me?!

honey lip scrub

exfoliating sugar, nourishing honey, soothing oils~ Oh my!


Here’s where you can put your personal touch on your very own homemade lip scrub. Basically, you can scour your pantry and use what’s available. Or you can head off to your favorite grocer and choose your ingredients according to your mood.  There is no right or wrong method. Have brown sugar, great! Raw cane sugar, good. Refined, white sugar, homemade lip scrubfine. The sugar of your own choosing will help exfoliate all of the dead skin off so that the oil can absorb in and help heal your lips.

I do recommend using raw honey for its healing properties, but regular honey will do just fine. (Raw honey is naturally antibacterial and has a ton of antioxidants). The honey is this recipe is to help heal and seal in the moisture.

As far as oils go, there are so many skin soothing options. I personally love avocado oil and almond oil for this recipe. But if olive oil is what you have, totally go for it! Olive oil is a great moisturizer too. Happen to be lucky enough to have jojoba oil or vitamin E oil on hand? Lucky you! The point is that you are in charge here. My recipe is more like a formula. Find what works best for your skin and what best fits into your budget. Whatever oil you choose will leave your lips soft and soothed.



homemade lip scrub


Say no to chapped lips and alligator kisses

No more alligator lips this winter, or any season! If you are looking for a way to combat seriously dry, chapped lips and lip balm alone isn’t working, try homemade lip scrub. It is safe, effective, easy and quick. A perfect gift when put in a small jar. Store this in a cool place for up to two weeks. You can use this lip scrub daily, as many times as necessary. It is a sweet beauty treatment to add to your daily routine. Also, in case you are looking for the same effects, but for your whole body try my Green Tea Sugar Scrub or my DIY coffee sugar scrub