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DIY toilet bombs

Posted on Feb 28, 2018 by in Around The House, Housekeeping/Cleaning

toilet bombs

DIY toilet bombsDeodorizing and refreshing toilet bombs


Today’s recipe/blog topic might seem a little bit taboo. I assure you, toilets are not a topic that I love chatting about. However, in the last decade, toilets have become a hot topic in my life, need it, want it or otherwise. Being the lone female in a home full of boys can feel mystifying at times. Just the other morning one of my young men woke me up to inform me that he had “plumbed” the toilet. Perfect wake up call on a Saturday morning, don’t you agree? Never, in my pre-Mommy wildest dreams would that conversation have ever taken place. Alas, it seems to be a fairly normal conversation these days. My answer to my family’s toilet woes is these toilet bombs. They work hard when I can’t or just plain don’t want to. I drop a toilet bomb into the toilet bowl and watch it fizz away. It deodorizes, refreshes and sanitizes while I walk away.



Creativity and laughtertoilet bomb molds

Anyone close to me knows that I love a good laugh! I always say “laugh or cry” and I usually choose to laugh. Positivity and joy instead of negativity and grief. It is a daily choice. What I do know is that laughter is typically contagious and can sometimes diffuse even the most difficult of situations. Sometimes spontaneous and other times created opportunities for hilarity keep my family charming. I stumbled upon our collection of ice molds and found Hans Solo frozen in carbonite, I knew that was a jackpot for these toilet bombs. Sorry Hans, but my boys will get a kick out of this scenario! I attempted Batman, but it seemed he was not finding the humor in becoming a toilet bomb. I also had some stars and fish from Ikea. The leftover fizzy mixture, I just put in muffin liners. Use whatever molds you have to create your toilet bombs. Don’t forget to have fun and make light of this DIY project.


DIY toilet bombsThe right toilet bomb consistency

Making toilet bombs is a little like playing in the sand. They can be a little messy but their cleaning abilities make up for that. The key to the perfect fizzy mixture is to spray the liquid in very sparingly and mixing in between sprays until you end up with a wet sand. The longer you allow the toilet bombs to dry out naturally in whatever mold or shape that you have given them, the easier they will be to remove. Try not to touch them during the drying process. This recipe will make about 24- 48 toilet bombs. However, that really depends on the size of the molds you choose, or the shape that you form them into. I split ours between 2 of our 4 most unlucky used toilets.  Drop a toilet bomb/fizzy in the toilet bowl and walk away with one less thing to do or worry about. If you can’t have your own bathroom all to yourself, at least you can use these your DIY toilet bombs to keep your porcelain throne refreshed and deodorized.