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exfoliating chia seed face scrub

Posted on Mar 28, 2018 by in Apothecary, exfoliating scrub, Face

chia seed face scrub

Exfoliating chia seed face scrubchia seed face scrub


Exfoliating is such an essential component of excellent skincare.  A good facial scrub will help to gently exfoliate dry, dead skin while revealing a more even and brighter skin tone. While I love a good natural sugar scrub, I also have been experimenting lately with a more gentle exfoliant. I grind up chia seeds nearly every week for some of my vegan recipes like vegan chocolate chip banana bread. This week I had some leftover and decided to try out an exfoliating chia seed face scrub. I was pleasantly surprised at how gentle, yet effective it was at smoothing and brightening my face! It is fairly different in the way that it goes on. The chia mixture glides along with your hands and doesn’t stay put like a sugar scrub does. It still has all the same benefits, however, and still manages to gently exfoliate.


Little seed, BIG benefits!chia seed face scrub


It would appear that the secret is out about chia seeds. You can pretty much find them everywhere in practically everything! There are even very expensive beauty products that harness the power of chia, in addition to demanding half of your paycheck as well. Chia seeds are in fact a very tiny, yet highly beneficial seed

Benefits include:

Moisturization/Hydration for dry or combination skin

High in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids

High in antioxidants like vitamin e

Tightens and tones skin

Contains zinc and B vitamins, both of which tighten the appearance of skin

Can calm and decrease breakouts caused by clogged pores

I grind my chia seeds for this exfoliating chia seed face scrub because I feel like opening the seeds allows more of the nutrients to penetrate your skin. In addition, it has a more gentle feel to it when you apply it to your skin.



chia seed face scrubHow to use an exfoliant facial scrub properly

I know that some of us believe that more is always better and that scrubbing harder will make it more effective. However, in this case, both are untrue.  You do not need to use half the jar and rub until your face hurts. You may actually cause more harm than good in doing so. I prefer to use this exfoliating chia seed face scrub while in the shower because it can be a little bit messy.  Remember to leave it on your skin for a few minutes to allow the beneficial ingredients to penetrate your skin. I try never to use a facial exfoliator more than 2-3 times a week. Daily or prolonged use can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight or cause it to become blotchy as it heals itself.  The skin on your face is delicate and responds well to gentle exfoliation, intermittently. By adding a gentle face exfoliant, like this chia seed face scrub to your skincare regimen you will begin to notice that your skin will continue to exceed your expectations in no time. Remember, there is no overnight miracle and you cannot scrub years of fine lines off in one day! Each day you take great care of your skin is another day closer to the skin you desire. Remeber to mix up your skincare with the seasons.

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