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A Cinco de Mayo Birthday Celebration

Posted on May 4, 2018 by in Appetizer, Basic recipes, Dessert, Entree, Recipe Box

Pinata Cake for a Cinco de mayo celebration

What’s so special about Cinco de Mayo anyhow?Cinco de Mayo Birthday twins

Cinco de Mayo makes me think of good Mexican food and margaritas. The historical significance is to commemorate the Mexican Army‘s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It also feels like a timely event to have a party at the beginning of May and celebrate the warming spring weather and the fact that summer is peeking out around the corner.


Cinco de Mayo birthday celebration



Last but certainly not least, it is also a very important Birthday. The celebration of the day that we (Nina and Taryn) gave birth to the cutest set of birthday twins we know. That’s right! We had babies on the same day, actually, within a few minutes of each other! So, every year we get to celebrate not only a fun holiday with great food and drink but also, our birthday twins (a boy and a girl)! Just look how ADORABLE they are!!!


cinco de Mayo birthday




Taryn and Nina pregnant togetherLet me tell you about my best friend

Destined to be lifelong friends, Taryn and Nina met in the winter of 2007, when they became neighbors. Nina was a newlywed and Taryn a brand new Mom. We hit it off instantly! Of course, we bonded on the ridiculously harsh ND winters and the unrelenting wind that had no hills, trees or mountains to break it. Immediately, we admired one another. We became so important to one another, more like sisters.  We spent most of our waking hours together. There really are no words to describe our friendship that would be meaningful enough.  When Nina left ND for HI, it was heartbreaking for both of us. But, Taryn moved to HI for 6 months while her husband was on deployment! She even homeschooled her keiki! That’s BFF love, folks! We have an unshakeable bond. How blessed we are! A legacy of beautiful, hilarious, sad and amazing memories have been made over the last decade.




Double troubleEBK and AAB

One summer we found out we were pregnant with the same due dates, May 12! We both had very challenging pregnancies. Towards the end of our pregnancies, we had our plans in place. Taryn would be induced May 5 and Nina would babysit her boys while Taryn was at the hospital.

However, Nina’s little baby (with his competitive nature) was not okay with his friend coming into the world first. Nina went into labor May 4th, but chalked it up to too much exercise. When things became abundantly clear, early on the morning of May 5th, (Cinco de Mayo 2011) that Nina would not be a good candidate to watch Taryn’s boys; she had to make the call. Before calling Taryn, she called another friend just to get her opinion on the possibility of active labor. She did not wish to ruin Taryn’s big day!

Our conversation went a little like this: 6:30 am, very shortly before the boys were supposed to be dropped off to me.

Nina~ “Hi, I know you’re in the hospital being induced this morning, so sorry to interrupt….. BUT, I think I might be in labor….”

Taryn~ “What?! Really?! Oh my goodness! Well, I wondered if you might be in labor after you called me last night.”

Cinco de Mayo babiesNina~ ” I think we should have our other neighbor/friend watch your boys. I’m so sorry!”

Taryn~ ” Why are you sorry?” laughing in between contractionsCinco de Mayo babies

Nina~ ” I blew the plan.” Anyhow, how are things going?”

Taryn~ “Good, things are progressing fast!”

Nina~ “Oh good! Well, I guess I’ll see you at the hospital!” laughing in between contractions

Taryn arrived at the hospital at about 5 am

Nina arrived at the hospital at about 9:45 am

EBK was born at 11: 25 am

AAB was born at 11:33 am

EBK enjoys coming in first. AAB enjoys being on time.


Cinco de Mayo Birthday CelebrationCinco de Mayo babies

As I mentioned earlier, Taryn and her children moved to HI for 6 months. Fortunately, their time on the Big Island aligned with our Cinco de Mayo babies 2nd Birthday! Unfortunately, the babies decided that throwing the video camera into the baby pool the day before their birthday was a super idea. Fortunately, we have some pictures to share with you! Enjoy, because these two are about as cute as they come!

Pinata cake for a Cinco de Mayo Birthday celebrationWe created tissue paper flowers for hours, and this fun ribbon/pinata cake ( a link for the technique used)!





We prepared a ton of delicious food that day! But some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes are these:




maple vanilla bean lemonade over iceMaple Vanilla Bean Lemonade






Creamy Vegan Tortilla Soupvegan tortilla soup






cilantro lime riceCilantro Lime Rice






vegan snickerdoodle cookiesvegan snickerdoodle cookies      (like a baked, healthier version of a churro!)






Feliz Cumpleanos!