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Tropical vegan pina colada ice cream

Posted on Jul 10, 2018 by in Dessert

vegan pina colada ice cream

Tropical vegan pina colada ice cream

I’m wondering if there is someone else from the west coast that can reminisce about Thrifty’s ice cream with me? After every school concert, play or ceremony it seemed the entire school would head over to the local drugstore, “Thrifty’s”.  My choice was almost always the pineapple/coconut, or pina colada flavor. Anyhow, that drugstore and it’s ice cream disappeared decades ago.  Good news though! I created a tropical vegan pina colada ice cream recipe that takes me back to my carefree days of childhood. You guys will love the tropical flavor and the chunks of delicious pineapple and coconut as you savor every last bite!


Tropical vegan pina colada ice cream




Questions and Answers~ In abundance

On a recent, impromptu date with my oldest after running errands I rediscovered a flavor from my past. My oldest was diving into his sorbet and was so taken by the tropical combo of coconut/pineapple that he could not stop talking about it, for days! When I casually mentioned pina colada, he began a game (that he is famous for) of 1million questions. Then I promised that we would play around in the kitchen and create our own vegan pina colada ice cream recipe for HSF. Alcohol free, of course! Let the question portion of my day ensue.

Pina Colada?

Don’t those have alcochol?Tropical vegan pina colada ice cream

Why would anyone drink alcohol?

Why do they call it pina colada?

Is that the song that people sometimes sing?

It’s not about alcohol, is it?

Wait, is there alcohol in my sorbet??

How do you make a pina colada?

What kind of alcohol do people use?

What will we put in our recipe? I hope not alcohol!


You get the idea…  Whew, my brain hurts now. As you might have noticed, Mr. Hobbies So Fancy and myself have given him a dubious outlook towards alcohol, LOL! Let’s hope that viewpoint sticks around through college!




Even more questions

So, really, what DO you make vegan ice cream from? I’m glad he/you asked! I make mine with a base of cashews and full fat coconut milk. This Tropical vegan pina colada recipe is very similar to my Vegan mint chip ice-cream .


Full fat coconut milk


coconut oil

maple syrup




Vegan, delectable and it’s actually healthy!


A perfect summer time treat! Make it today!


Kitchen bloopers and pro-tips

Tropical vegan pina colada ice cream


My older Sis attempted to make my Vegan mint chip ice-cream a couple of weeks ago. Later that day she texted me a picture with no description or explanation of it, in the ice cream maker.  I literally laughed out loud for over10 minutes before gaining my composure to call her. She blamed me for the poor excuse of a blender that I passed down to her. I asked her if it was actually edible?? Turns out, a high-speed blender is worth every hard-earned, red cent!

It also became abundantly clear that you can NOT sub walnuts for cashews! At least not in this recipe. Just don’t do it! Go to the store, no matter how tired you are! Or, you’ll have an expensive, grainy, poor excuse for vegan ice cream on your hands. My Sis can concur that you’ll be the only one eating it. And NOT because it’s too good to share, but because it is too expensive to toss out.

Let her highly entertaining costly kitchen blooper serve as a PSA. Use a high-speed blender, or blend thoroughly, until very creamy! Lastly, there are no substitutes for cashews in vegan pina colada ice cream. No exceptions! I have the pic to prove it!

kitchen blooper

Exhibit A: Why you should never sub walnuts for cashews in this recipe and use a high-speed blender. It should not look like this. If it does, call my Sis, she’ll commiserate with you 😉


















This vegan pina colada ice cream has the texture and creaminess of milk based ice cream. If you like pina coladas and eating lots of ice cream, then you'll love this frozen summertime treat! The best part is that it is dairy-free, made with less than 10 ingredients, low sugar and made using only healthful and beneficial ingredients. No fillers, or preservatives like the vegan store bought versions.

Cook Time:50 min
Prep Time:5 min
Total Time:55 min
Yield:5 cups
* 1 can full-fat coconut milk no need to drain water
* 1 1/2 cups soaked (drained and rinsed) cashews
* 2 Tablespoons coconut oil
* 1/3-1/2 cup maple syrup or agave (sweeten to taste)
* 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
* pinch of sea salt
* 1 cup diced/chopped frozen pineapple
* 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1. Pre-soak your cahsews ( place cashews in a medium bowl, cover completely with filtered water. Place in fridge or in a cool area, minimum 3 hours, or overnight. If in a hurry, use very hot water and soak for at least 1 hour. Drain and rinse well.)

3. Place first 8 ingredients (all ingredients except pineapple and coconut flakes) into a high-speed blender.

4. Blend for 2-5 minutes or until very smooth, creamy and perfectly blended.

5. Place this mixture into a freezer safe bowl.

6. Freeze mixture for 30 minutes. Set a timer or you may come back to a solid popsicle.

7. Pour into an ice-cream maker and keep it on until it begins to expand, change texture and look like ice cream

8. Pour in the pineapple and coconut flakes and let it run for a couple minutes longer.

9. Place in a freezer-safe container, cover and store in the freezer for up to 3 weeks.
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