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vegan green chili soup

Posted on Oct 3, 2018 by in Entree, Recipe Box, Side Dish, soup

vegan green chili

vegan green chili

Hearty vegan

green chili 



This recipe for hearty vegan green chili was loving created to satisfy my cravings for comfort food. As many of our readers might know, I am a native of Arizona. Therefore, my love of green chilies runs deep. I am loyal to southwestern cuisine and love the earthy flair that it lends. This dish is perfect for anytime of the year. Particularly, when there is fresh corn and New Mexico Hatch or Anaheim chiles available at your local market. Of course you can always sub canned chiles, and/or frozen corn, however, fresh will always make it more authentic.  If you have never tried green chiles, there is no time like the present. They are more mild and earthy in flavor than red peppers/chiles.



















No green chiles, No worries, try our Creamy Vegan Tortilla Soup instead.



roasted hatch chiles





Easy, Crowd Pleasing Food


It surprised me how easily my green chili came together.  You can roast the Hatch chiles and corn together, while the rice is cooking. Or you can use leftover rice.  Once you have your onion and garlic sauteed, it’s a matter of layering your spices and other ingredients into the chili as directed below. My hearty vegan green chili is easy to make for a crowd. You can even prepare the first few steps in a stockpot and then transfer it to a crock pot to keep warm if you’re having company over. Feel free to make ahead if you are pressed for time. Just re-heat and top it with avocado, lime wedges, cilantro and vegan cashew cream. Throw some tortilla chips and a bowl and call it done. I could eat like this all day, everyday. These flavors make me so happy.



vegan green chili



A Coast to Coast friendship and recipe swap

It seems that Taryn and I have swapped places over the years.  She is originally from Philly (East Coast girl), I am originally from Phoenix/Tucson (West Coast/ Southwest girl).  Now, I reside in Virginia and she in Texas. Sometimes we envy one another, sometimes we can give insight on the certain quirks and traditions that seem odd at first glance.

Over the years our paths have aligned. We became lifelong friends while pioneering as neighbors and newlyweds with babies in North Dakota together. Bonding over the intense, bitter cold and howling wind along with the everyday parenting issues. We like to lovingly refer to ND as the “place the wagon broke down”.  It was hard for us to understand how else anyone came to settle in such a cold place. Don’t worry, ND friends, we have nothing but love for you guys and pity for you in the Winter months. ND will always be special to us for so many reasons.


We had the privilege and pleasure and reward of living close together in paradise, a.k.a. Hawaii for six months. As a result we enjoy using our kitchens to re-create cuisine from all our journeys together and apart. We like to share and swap the recipes that we grew up with and the ones we have come to love over the years. We appreciate the challenge and inspiration of presenting them to you as vegan recipes that are healthful, purposeful and fun.




vegan green chili















Looking for some side dishes or desserts to accompany you vegan green chili?  Look no further, we got you covered. Please let us know how you like our recipes we love to hear from our readers!



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