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Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit better.  Hobbies So Fancy is my creative outlet. I am excited to share beautiful photography, healthy, vegan recipes, health tips and fun projects.  I’m Nina, a stay at home, daydreaming Momma of two of the sweetest boys (ages 9 & 7) you’ll ever meet and the wife to one hard-working husband. When I’m not in the kitchen I am behind the camera or laughing with my silly boys. I love trying new things, telling funny stories, attempting new hobbies and of course cooking and baking!  We have moved around a lot in the last decade and, as a result, have had to leave amazing friends all over the country. Each journey we make weaves itself into our lives through the new traditions and cultures that we leave behind and the new ones we embrace. This pushes me to constantly challenge myself to get out there, try new things and pursue different ideas.

Here I am scuba diving with a wonderful friend that always encourages me to be BRAVE.

I truly believe that what we put in and on our bodies affects us both physically and emotionally. I suffered miserably and battled against bulimia for over a decade. Once I became pregnant, I knew I had no choice but to be set free from the bondage that eating disorders had claimed over my life. I prayerfully sought answers and God, in his great mercy healed me and set me on a real food mission. I became aware that real food is a gift of nourishment and enjoyment. I am so amazed at how promptly my perspective towards food and my body has been restored because of my love for my children and the loving faithfulness of a living God. I became captivated while researching all the benefits, vitamins, minerals and specific roles that real food offers.  It is essential that I lay a strong foundation of nutritious, real food and fitness, also including healthful and all natural beauty products for my children. My boys are growing like weeds both physically and emotionally and are dependent upon my example while we are learning together to cherish our bodies and embrace our God-given gifts and talents.


Hobby Time

I think my boys are trying to tell me something here. Time to wrap it up.

When my youngest began kindergarten, it was a hard adjustment for me. To my complete disbelief (and the disbelief of others), I actually really missed the constant noise, movement and daily grind of Mom duties. Those fancy and free toddler

My workout room….or is it the boys playroom? I can never tell. Maybe that is why I am always tripping over hockey sticks, nerf guns and hot wheels. Oh well, time to do work!

days were sometimes rough but altogether fleeting. I never saw them ending, until they did.  Not to say that my job is done, very far from it. In so many ways it is just beginning. It’s time to cultivate my own abilities and hobbies, choosing not to become stagnant or uninteresting. I never had the time to blog, or write about my experiences before, now I do. I feel late to the party, but I know that I am really right on time.  So, I’m glad you are joining me on this journey towards a healthful & wholesome life, with lots of fun and laughter thrown in. You will find so many exciting recipes, tips and ideas for bath & body, your dining table and your fitness style.

I am learning to find my way in this sometimes lonely and far too quiet home now, without my favorite side kicks underfoot at all times.  However, I plan to make the best of it and enjoy the art of alone time too. My boys are relying on me to show them how to continue growing and not just because too many homemade muffins may or may not have gone missing.~



A Rescue Pup

This our little herding dog, Olivia. She is an awesome companion and I am super grateful for her loyalty and fun-loving energy.  A rescue pup truly is the best pup. She enjoys taking me on long walks, giving the vacuum a well-needed break in between meals, chasing anything that moves, keeping close tabs on the comings and goings of our home and following me everywhere I go. She thinks she is a lap dog, and I enable her theory. She is intuitive and tender hearted. We earned her trust and love and she was gifted with ours.  You might hear a lot about her here and I wanted you to be properly introduced.




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